ARTICLE I         Name

    The organization shall be known as the Central Florida Seniors Bowling Club, and will be referred 
        herein as CFSBC.

                                                           ARTICLE II        Purpose

  The CFSBC is formed for the following objectives and purposes:
    1.To unite SENIOR bowlers who are USBC members.
    2.To conduct certified tournaments agreed upon by the Board of Directors.
    3.To encourage competitive bowling in a pleasant and social atmosphere.
    4.To encourage all members to play the game in a wholesome, sportsmanlike manner, bringing 
         credit and honor to themselves, the sport and the CFSBC.

                                                           ARTICLE III       Membership and Fees

  1.Membership in the CFSBC shall be comprised of individual men and women who are currently  
      members of the USBC and are age 55 and over.
  2.Annual membership fee in the CFSBC shall be determined by the Board of Directors to be paid by 
     January 1st of the current bowling season. The fee should be paid prior to tournament participation.
  3.Application for membership may be made at any time, providing the Club has not exceeded the cap 
      of  550 members. If membership is made and there are over 550 active members in the Club, the  
      applicant(s) will be placed on a waiting list. The list will be based on the date of the application and 
      the order in which it was received. When an opening arises the candidate(s) will be contacted by the 
      Board Secretary or another Officer of the Board and offered the open membership slot.  
  4.Each member agrees to be bound by all final decisions of the Board of Directors of the CFSBC  
      concerning application or interpretation of USBC Bylaws, CFSBC Bylaws, playing rules, and other  
      matters relating to the sport of bowling as governed by USBC.
  5.Membership in the CFSBC shall be suspended if membership in the USBC is suspended and shall  
      continue to be terminated until such time as the person is reinstated for membership in the USBC.
  6.The Board of Directors may suspend or revoke membership if a member displays disruptive, anti- 
      social behavior, or unsportsmanlike conduct, by a majority vote of the board.

                                                          ARTICLE IV      Tournaments

    All CFSBC tournaments must be certified.

                                                          ARTICLE V
                      Board of Directors – Annual Meeting, Election of Officers/Directors, 
                                               Duties of Officers/Directors, 

  1.The annual meeting shall be held in December. It shall be open to all members. All regular business  
      shall be considered and the election of officers held.
  2.Directors are elected to fill open positions on the Board that are subject to election. Elected officers  
      of  the CFSBC shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms and ten    
      (10) Directors.
  3.One (1) officer and six (6) Directors shall constitute a quorum at all meetings.
  4.A candidate is eligible for elective office if they are a member in good standing of the CFSBC and   
      the USBC.

                                            Election and Voting at Annual Meeting
  1.Officers and directors shall be elected at each annual meeting to succeed positions that expire.  
  2.All voting shall be by ballot, except that a voice vote may be taken, when there is only one (1)  
      candidate for the office or directorship. 
  3.If a majority vote is not reached on the third ballot, the candidate having the lowest vote total shall  
      be eliminated. Balloting shall continue following the same procedure until a candidate receives the  
      required majority.  

                                            Term of Officers and Directors
  1.The terms of all officers and directors shall be for two (2) years.  
  2.The President, Secretary, Treasurer, and five (5) directors shall be elected in odd years.
  3.The Vice-President, Sergeant-at-Arms and five (5) directors shall be elected in the even years.  
  4.Newly elected officers and directors will begin their terms at the meeting following the annual  

                                             The President
  1.Shall call and preside at all meetings of the CFSBC and the Board of Directors.  
  2.Shall name all committees, unless otherwise provided in the motion ordering such committees to be  
  3.Shall ensure that all vacancies occurring on the Board are filled by a majority vote of the Board.   
      Appointee(s) shall hold the position for the remainder of the unexpired term.  
  4.Shall appoint the chairperson and members of all committees with Board approval.
  5.Shall ensure that any officers or persons who have access to CFSBC funds be bonded.
  6.Shall call a Board meeting within thirty (30) days if requested by five (5) members of the Board of  
      Directors, or if petitioned for by a majority of members. Membership shall be notified of all regularly  
      scheduled Board meetings, by posting said meeting on the web site.
  7.Shall serve as the principal spokesperson for the CFSBC. 
  8.Shall keep members of the CFSBC informed of policy matters.

                                              Vice President
  1.Shall fill the office of the President in his/her absence and shall perform the duties of that office and  
      perform such additional duties as may be required.

  1.Shall verify applications for membership.
  2.Shall prepare a written report on the status of the CFSBC and make this available to the general  
  3.Shall keep minutes of all proceedings of the CFSBC and prepare a written transcript of meetings  
      and make this available to the Board previous to the next Board meeting.
  4.Shall prepare a written report for the Annual Meeting on the status of the CFSBC.
  5.Shall issue all membership cards and awards.
  6.Shall be paid monthly at a fee to be determined by the Board, per number of members enrolled in  
  7.Shall answer all correspondence as directed by the President or Board of Directors.
  8.Shall appoint an assistant with Board approval.
  9.Shall turn over to their successor records, books, and other property of the CFSBC in his/her  
  1.Shall keep a true and correct account of all receipts and disbursements.
  2.Shall pay all CFSBC bills.
  3.Shall submit to the President, a monthly financial statement showing receipts and disbursements for  
      all CFSBC business.
  4.Shall submit, at the Annual Meeting, a written report and statement of financial transactions made  
      throughout the year.
  5.Shall ensure all monies of the CFSBC are deposited in a bank, which is FDIC insured to the credit of  
      the Central Florida Seniors Bowling Club (CFSBC) as soon as possible, not to exceed 14 days. 
  6.Shall issue a receipt for all dues paid to the CFSBC.
  7.Shall be paid monthly at a fee to be determined by the Board, per number of members enrolled in  
  8.Shall appoint an assistant with Board approval.
  9.Shall turn over to his/her successor all records, books, and other property of the CFSBC in his/her  
  1.Shall maintain order during the meetings and tournaments.  
  2.Shall conduct all vote counting and other duties as required.
                                           Tournament Director 
  1.Shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
  2.Shall make arrangement for tournament dates, types, costs, and other related items as directed by  
      the Board.
  3.Shall submit a report to the Board of Directors at any meeting called by the President. 
  4.Shall make recommendations as to the frequency of rule changes or any suggestions for more  
      efficient operation(s).
  5.Shall be paid a fee determined by the Board, per member, for each tournament which said member  
  6.Shall appoint an assistant with Board approval.
                                             Removal of an Officer, Director or Committee Member
  1.The Board of Directors will remove any member of the Board, with a majority vote of the Board, for  
      the following reasons:
     a.Conduct that is in conflict with the CFSBC’s objectives and purposes. Acting contrary to the best  
         interest of the CFSBC or the sport of bowling.
     b.Failing to attend two Board meetings in succession. 
     c.The inability to perform his/her duties.

                                                      ARTICLE VI     Management

    The management of the CFSBC shall be vested in the Board of Directors who shall have full control  
        and power to carry out the objectives set forth in these bylaws.

                                                      ARTICLE VII    Member Averages

    A member must use their year book average on their first tournament. Thereafter, their average 
        would be established after each additional tournament.

                                                     ARTICLE VIII      Procedural Matters

1.Any procedural matters not provided for in these Bylaws shall be governed by the USBC or Roberts 
    Rules of Parliamentary Law and Procedure (latest edition).  
2.The Bylaws may be amended at any the Annual Meeting by the membership with a majority vote. 
3.The President may call a Special Meeting of the Board to amend the Bylaws (see below).  
                                                 Amendment of the Bylaws
1.Any CFSBC member may submit a proposed amendment to the Bylaws in writing - it must be 
    received by the CFSBC President or CFSBC Secretary at least sixty (60) days prior to the 
    December-Annual meeting.
2.The Secretary shall cause the proposed bylaw amendments or revisions to be published to the 
     membership on the CFSBC website or by other reasonable means not less than thirty (30) days prior
     to the Annual Meeting.
3.The President will have the authority to hold a special meeting of the Board of Directors for the 
     purpose of amending the Bylaws. The purpose of these changes would be to improve and ensure the
     efficiency and competent operations of the CFSBC.  
4.Voting to amend the Bylaws requires a two-thirds vote at a duly called meeting of the Board.  
5.The membership will be advised of any changes made to the Bylaws and the Secretary will record
    changes in the minutes and /or publish to all members via the CFSBC website.
                                                  Calling a Special Meeting 
1.The President shall have the authority to conduct a Special Meeting of the Board and general 
    membership to resolve important or emergency issues that may arise.  
2.The meeting(s) can be conducted by mail or telecommunication, or any means of communication
    through which participating Directors may simultaneously hear or read each other’s communications
    during the meeting.  
3.A majority of votes received shall decide the question, providing a quorum is received.  
                                                            Executive Session
1.If necessary, an Executive Session of the Board will be held to discuss problems involving
     personal affairs of any individual or issues deemed confidential.
2.The minutes of the Executive Session shall be kept separate and unavailable to the general  
3.Only the members of the Board of Directors and the person(s) involved may attend an Executive  
    Session of the Board.
4.At the following meeting when the executive minutes are approved, all copies of the minutes shall be
   collected by the Secretary or assistant and destroyed. One copy shall be kept by the Secretary for the
   files, for a period to be determined by the Board of Directors.

                                            ARTICLE IX        Dissolution of the CFSBC

Upon dissolution, the assets of the CFSBC shall be distributed as the Board of Directors decides among organizations exempt from Federal Income Tax.