1. Central Florida Seniors Bowling Club will hold a doubles or singles tournament: INVITATION ONLY TO MEMBERS at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM, Sunday each month ?, 2022 at BOWLING LANES
2. Tournament is open to all bowlers who have reached their 50th birthday before bowling in the tournament, are a member in good standing of the USBC, bowling in a certified league or sanctioned though CENTRAL FLORIDA SENIORS BOWLING CLUB and a member in good standings.
3. Tournament will be a double or singles. Each participant may enter only once or at the discretion of the tournament director.
4. There will be 10 minutes of warm up practice with one ball on each lane per person.
5. Entering average for Club members will be the bowler's established average in the CFSBC. If no club average, entering average will be the bowler's highest 2021/2022 final average based on 21 or more games as listed in their association yearbook. If no 2020/2021 yearbooks are available, bowler must use his/her highest current certified average for 21 games or more as of January 2, 2022, with proof or 2021/2022 average. If neither of the above, bowler may enter and bowl to establish an average, bowlers are responsible for furnishing verification of averages.
6. All averages will be verified and corrected by Tournament Directed prior to bowling.
7. All of Rule 319 shall be waived - 319-A-2&3 - 319-D - 319-E.
8. Handicap will be 90% of 240 scratch based on individual average.
9. All prize fees will be returned 100% on a ratio of one prize for every five singles entries.
10. Closing date and time for entries will be MONTH ?, 2022 at 12 NOON. Please get your entries in early. Absolutely no changes in legal line up after recaps are done.
11. Bowlers please arrive 30 minutes prior to bowling. USBC and CFSBC Cards will be shown upon request.
12. In the event of a tie for first place, co-champions will be declared with first and second place money combined and divided equally between the two. All tied positions will be divided equally.
13. Checks in payment of prizes shall be mailed to the winners within 30 days following the close of the tournament.
14. Entries may be dropped in the Seniors Box only at AMF Leesburg or Spanish Springs, at Fiesta Bowl, use the others box, Lady Lake, FL - (placed in sealed envelope, with checks for payment, NO CASH PLEASE and marked "Seniors Club" - All entries must be received by MONTH ?, 2022 12 NOON
15. No Entry Fees will be refunded or returned after close of tournament.
16. USBC Rules and Regulations will govern this tournament.                         ( MONTH ? = WEDNESDAY BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT )

June Is A Doubles Event
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